Claudia Sigala, LCSW


Immigration evaluations

I work with Immigration lawyers in the New York City who need psychological evaluations for clients seeking legal citizenship.  Clients who are in need of a psychological evaluation may also contact me to be evaluated to strengthen their application.  Clients who are suffering from past trauma or emotional distress related to the immigration process may also be seen for individual psychotherapy if the client would like the service. 

I may assist in providing the following psychological evaluations for Immigration and Naturalization:

Extreme Hardship Waiver

This evaluation details the hardship that an American citizen related to the client may endure if the client were to be deported or denied entry/reentry to the United States. The evaluation consists of a Bio-Psychosocial assessment, potential past and present traumas that may manifest suffering if the client is not allowed to live in the United States with their loved ones.

Political asylum Waiver

Clients applying for political asylum have suffered psychological, physical or religious discrimination and abuse in their country of origin. This evaluation consists of detailed account of the mistreatment and abuse the individual suffered in their country of origin for belonging to a certain racial, ethnic, religious or political group, or for their sexual orientation. The evaluation also includes psychological and emotional distress as well as degree of trauma.

Domestic violence Waiver

Domestic Abuse evaluations documents the nature of a relationship in which the client engages that my have become abusive. The evaluations details the physical, sexual and/or psychological abuse.  The evaluations measure the extent of the abuse and the impact on the client.